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FAQs about your holidays in Porto Venere

This page contains responses to the most frequently asked questions about your holidays in Porto Venere.
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How to reach Porto Venere from the airport?

On arrival at any airport, just buy a ticket for the next train to La Spezia. You don’t need to book tickets in advance, as trains run frequently. For details about the journey by road from La Spezia to Porto Venere, click on “How to reach Porto Venere”.

Is it possible to reach Porto Venere by train?

No, it's probably the only tourist town in Liguria where trains do not run. Nearest railway station is La Spezia, and from La Spezia, you can travel to Porto Venere by bus in 30 minutes.

Is it possible to travel by car?

Yes, but it is difficult to find a parking space in Porto Venere. For more details and information about recommended parking lot and time of parking, click on our webpage “Transport and parking”.

When is it better to visit?

The tourist season begins on mid-March and ends on late October. But if you are planning just to visit Porto Venere on half a day, remember that the popular excursion around three islands usually begins at 12.00 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. Month-wise pros and cons can be found on webpage “Best time to visit”.

When do you need to book rooms in a hotel?

For summer (June to August), we recommend you to book rooms at least 6 months prior to your trip, especially if you want to save money and have the best options. If your vacations are falling on mid-August, then the earlier, the better. This website guarantees the lowest prices for your accommodation, you won’t get cheaper elsewhere.

How much time should you allocate to explore Porto Venere?

If the town where you plan to stay "in the neighbourhood" of Porto Venere, half a day could be sufficient (click on “Half-day Visit”), but you have to adapt your walking speed accordingly. If you like walking tour or you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, so you can decide to reserve some additionnal amount of time for this purpose. Or, if you like boating, sail up to the nearest towns by boat.

How often do the boats sail to Palmaria Island?

As the local residents regularly travel to the island and return, boats run daily, every day/year round, from early morning to late evening. You don’t need to look for the motor-ship schedule, because, in addition to tour boats, you have several other boats that sail out as soon as they get a required number of tourist passengers.

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