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Walking tour in Porto Venere

Walking tourism is popular in this part of Liguria. The territory, covering an area of several square kilometres, is full of hundreds of trails, which are surrounded by lemon and fig trees. The coast is not affected by the industry, therefore the pristine natural beauty of these places lures the tourists!

These trails will lead us from Porto Venere to Cinque Terre, a national park zone, which is famous for its walking trails all over the world. Another favourite “destination” for the tourists near Porto Venere is the Palmaria Island, a nature park, a cultural and historical site, studded with numerous trails.

During the peak season, hiking routes are full of people. Each route is long enough for a tourist to feel pleasure walking, but also short enough to set out in the morning and in the afternoon to enjoy Italian meal in any of the villages...

The road from Porto Venere to Riomaggiore

High trail

Difficulty: low, medium at some places.
Length: 12 km to Riomaggiore and 35 km across the entire National Park of Cinque Terre.
The longest walking trail along the coast, named High Path, connects Porto Venere and Levanto, and stretches through the entire park of Cinque Terre. From here, you can descend to almost all the little old villages in this part of Liguria, in particular to Riomaggiore, where the walking trip will take about 4 to 5 hours. If you change the route, you can make a kilometre-long small circle: walk up to the military fort Muzzerone and return through an adjacent trail. This trip will take about an hour.

There are ups and downs on the High Path. The trail passes through the peak of Malpertuzo, reaching up to 812 meters above sea level. The local landscape and panoramic views are simply breath-taking.

Path of Love in Cinque Terre

Blue trail

Difficulty: low.
This is the easiest route and any tourist, even untrained for physical activity, will be able to accomplish it. The trail goes through the villages of Cinque Terre and is located above the sea. Majority of the tourists like a part of the trail, called the Way of Love, it connects Riomaggiore and Manarola and takes about 15 minutes.

You can check the map, details and current status of all the trails on the website "In Cinque Terre".

Walking trails on Palmaria Island

Map of hiking trails of Palmaria Island

Trip duration: between 2 hours (half of the island) and 3.5 hours (full circle).
Difficulty: low, medium at some places.
Palmaria Island is located not far from Porto Venere. The tourist boats sail here from the town port. A green circle indicates the place of their arrival on island i.e. the starting point of all walking trails. And here you find a lot of trails, because, in addition to the important ones, there are many others.

Naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts will of course enjoy walking through the mountains, plains and woodlands of the island. Tourists will find not only the picturesque flora and fauna, but also some physical activities because trails have various levels of complexity.

If you decide to make a circle, the trail offers views of Porto Venere and the channel Bocca separating it. Moreover, on the Palmaria Island, you can visit the villages Terrizzo and Pozzale, the fortress Umberto, the abandoned fort Cavour, ”Semaforo” and many interesting historical and architectural buildings. Details about the island are described on our webpage "Palmaria Island".


What to wear and carry. All trails are unsurfaced, while some of them may be narrow, rocky, with ascents and descents, so it is better to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Also apply sunscreen, take a hat, and carry sufficient quantity of foodstuff and water.

It is important to get a map of the selected trails before you start walking on it! There, you find many trails that might lead you away from your destination, if you get suddenly distracted by fabulous views or olive groves you may miss the right fork (junction). Free maps are available at any tourism office. They are located in all the villages of Cinque Terre (at the railway stations), Porto Venere (in the centre and near the pier), Levanto and La Spezia (at the railway stations).

Make sure that trails are open before you set out on the walking tour. And follow the signs – all routes are marked with red and white flags, painted on the walls, trees and stones.

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