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Interesting informations about cellular communications in Italy

For many tourists, it is no longer a secret that sometimes it's easier to buy a SIM-card from a local mobile operator than to pay insanely expensive roaming charges. In this connection, Italy is no exception.

At the moment, three leading companies are providing cellular services in Italy i.e. Wind, Vodafone and TIM. The most cost-effective decision would be to buy a Wind SIM-card. It costs € 10, and half of the cost (€ 5) is credited to your account.

But the main interest of this operator lies in the fact that you have the option to activate additional value added services on your number (this must be done at the time of purchase). We would like to elaborate on some of the services offered.

“All Inclusive” - There are two plans with a tariff of € 10 and € 12. The € 10 package includes 100 minutes of talk time (without connection fee), 100 SMS, unlimited internet (after 1 GB, speed limit restricted to 128 Kb/s). The € 12 package includes 250 minutes of talk time (without connection fee), 250 SMS, unlimited internet (after 1 GB, speed limit restricted to 128 Kb/s).

If you pay € 3, you get additional 3 GB of high speed internet, and you can use your phone as a router, as compared to other operators, without any additional charges.

“Call Your Country” - Tariff for this service is € 1 per month. Once activated, you will gain access to super tariffs under favourable terms for your overseas calls. For example, a call to USA or Great Britain under such tariff will cost you € 0.2 per minute.

You can easily buy a Wind SIM-card in Italy, as you will find a lot of showrooms of Wind and their agents offering the services of sale and connection in the cities (except in Porto Venere, where there are no such showrooms). Select a showroom at a convenient location on the company's official website.

News: roaming was canceled in Europe in 2017.

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