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Porto Venere in half a day or a day

Porto Venere is a small and compact town, and you can see the tourist attractions in half a day. It's also worth considering the tour itinerary "around three islands”. In 2024, departures will take place at 12.00 p.m. and 2.30 p. m., however have a look at the schedule for confirmation. The most realistic options for visiting Porto Venere is to go around the town in the morning and finish with the tour, or start the tour in the afternoon, and then explore the little town.

Half a day in Porto Venere

Take a walk through the narrow streets of Porto Venere, go to the beautiful old churches, pay a visit to the ancient castle and while standing on its terrace, watch the panorama of the Gulf and the coast. Italian cemetery is a special place to visit - which is situated on the left of Doria Castle walls. You can see the whole in three or four hours, because the town attractions are located close to each other (For more details, visit our webpage “Tourist attractions”).

Porto Venere’s seafront, Italy
Porto Venere’s seafront
Tour around three islands, Palmaria Island, Porto Venere
Tour around three islands
Town gate, Porto Venere, Italy
Town gate

Day-long walk

If you have extra time, make sure to visit the Palmaria Island (visit our webpage “Palmaria Island”). Here you would see many walking trails, the simplest among them are suitable for seniors. If you are young and would like to walk on a hilly terrain, then go around Palmaria and be sure to climb one of the peaks in the island. Panoramic beauty will surprise even a veteran traveller! This trip would take about 4 hours. Don’t be afraid of getting lost, as you would find signs and road maps almost at all places in the island.

A walk around the island of Palmaria, Porto Venere A walk around the island of Palmaria, Porto Venere A walk around the island of Palmaria, Porto Venere

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