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Transport and parking in Porto Venere

Porto Venere has its own features regarding transport. High-rise buildings built next to one another form a net of narrow streets, not suitable for most vehicles. Streets are dedicated for walking tours! However, if you like to travel by road, it does not matter. To know where to park your four-wheeled companion, read below.

Parking map in Portovenere

Parkings in Porto Venere region

Cars are not allowed to enter the centre of Porto Venere, and there is no parking here. Usually, the cars are left out of the city near the outskirts. Local parkings can be divided into 3 zones: P1, P2 and P3. There is a parking Golfo in this town and it is the most remote parking. But it is good because it is designed even to accommodate campervans, you can restock fresh water and drain wastewater from the tank.

Occupancy of parking lots near Porto Venere depends on the time of year i.e. at the height of the season, it is extremely difficult to find one here. But remember, the closer the parking to the city, the higher the parking fee (see Table).

Address of parking Golfo (for Navigator): Via Olivo, 561, Portovenere.

Parking map for Portovenere in La Spezia

Parkings in La Spezia, a neighbouring town

From March to October even the parking Golfo will be packed with cars since early morning. While approaching Porto Venere, to avoid unnecessary difficulties, we recommend you to leave your car in La Spezia, a nearby town. Here, we recommend you to use the parkings S1, S2, S3 as they are located near the railway station and the bus stop, from where you can easily and quickly get to Porto Venere (see Table).

You can find the exact location of parkings and the bus stop by opening Google map in a new window.

Parkings addresses (for Navigator):
S1 - Via Fiume, 143, La Spezia (under the railway station).
S2 - Via XV Giugno, 637, La Spezia.
S3 - Via della Pianta, 114, La Spezia.
Bus stop: Corso Cavour, 132, La Spezia

Parking fee for 1 hour / 1 day / 1 week

October 21, 2024 - March 7, 2025

March 9, 2024 - October 20, 2024

To reach Porto Venere


€1.50 / €10 / No

€3 / No / No

One minute walk.


€1.50 / €5 / €30

€2.50 / €25 / No

5 to 10 minute walk.



€2 / €20 / €100

5 to 30 minute walk or 5 minutes by bus during the tourist season (€2).



€2 / €10 / €60,
for Campervans: €3 / No / No

30 minute walk or 5 minutes by bus during the season (€2).


€1 / €17 / No

€1.20 / €20 / No

10 minute walk to the bus stop and 30 minutes by bus (€ 2.50 to 5).*




10 minute walk to the bus stop and 30 minutes by bus (€ 2.50 to 5).*




20 minutes by bus (free) to the bus stop and 30 minutes by another bus (€ 2.50 to 5).*

Table legends:

  • Very difficult to find a parking space;
  • You can find space only in the early morning;
  • Parking space usually available, but not always;
  • You can find a parking space.

* - Bus fare is € 2.50, if you buy it in a tobacco shop (Tabaccheria), or € 5 - if you buy directly from the driver.

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