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Search for hotels in Porto Venere and in the District

During the peak season in the eastern part of Liguria, of course, you should be concerned about finding a hotel in advance. In summer, especially in mid-August, the hotels are "packed" to the brim, so do not miss the opportunity to book your accommodation even six months before the trip. Familiarize yourself with the best and most profitable hotels on our webpage “Recommended hotels”.

And remember a few tricks. If you make a comparison, the hotels in La Spezia offer the same quality of service and accommodation and are much cheaper than those in Porto Venere. And in terms of journey, travelling from La Spezia is much more convenient, because the city has a railway station with trains departing for destinations in all directions almost every hour. Thus, we can find time to visit a lot of more different towns and villages and thus save money too!

Also it is worth for lovers of nightlife to look to La Spezia, as Porto Venere cannot propose such entertainment facilities and clubs. It is a little quiet town, and all the fun happens in the bigger cities.

You don’t need to contact the hotel directly to book your accommodation, it is better to use the website booking com – it offers guaranteed reservation and the most favourable offers. The website has concluded an agreement with the hotels, according to which, the hotel does not have the right to offer rooms at a cheaper tariff. But if that happens, booking com will pay you the difference.

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Best hotels in Porto Venere:

Grand Hotel, Porto Venere, Italy
Grand Hotel, Porto Venere, Italy Grand Hotel, Porto Venere, Italy

Grand Hotel Portovenere


Official website of the hotel with all the info.
Address: Via Garibaldi 5, 19025 Portovenere, Italia.
Distance from Porto Venere: The hotel is located exactly in the city centre.
Tariff: high.
Parking: available, free of charge (no advance booking required).
Description: It is considered the most prestigious hotel in Porto Venere and is situated on the waterfront, near the old town, Doria Castle and the Church of St. Peter. Prior to renovation, Grand Hotel was formerly a monastery building built in the XVII century, situated in the small harbour of Porto Venere, the hotel has received many positive and excellent reviews.

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Hotel in Porto Venere

Likely to sell out

Rated 5 stars out of 5

2598 Reviews

Price starting at 39 €

Grand Hotel

Likely to sell out

Rated 4.5 stars out of 5

883 Reviews

Price starting at 179 €

Rooms in historic tower!


Rated 5 stars out of 5

320 Reviews

Price starting at 110 €

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