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Useful maps of Porto Venere and its region

The most important thing for tourists is to get "equipped" with two or three useful maps. On this page, we have gathered for you some essential maps of our website, which will help you not to lose your way, while traveling to the east coast of Liguria, and in particular, to Porto Venere.

Route map to Porto Venere

Trains do not run up to Porto Venere. The best option is to take a train to La Spezia, and from there, reach Porto Venere either by bus or by boat (click on “How to reach Porto Venere”). You can see the route in detail, and main modes of transport on the map below.

Map of tourist attractions

On this map, you find all the important tourist attractions in Porto Venere. You also save your time by not looking for these tourist spots, as you see them before your eyes! For information in detail about them, click on our webpage “Tourist attractions”.

Map of parkings near Porto Venere

If you are fond of traveling by car, remember that there are no parking lots in Porto Venere. Therefore, it is always better to keep this map for ready reference. Here you find the nearest parking of Porto Venere as well as those in La Spezia. Click on our webpage “Transport and parking” for more details on parking lots.

Map of nearest towns to Porto Venere

In the vicinity of Porto Venere, there are many picturesque Italian towns and villages. The map below shows the places with parking facilities, railway stations, and city transport in all the eight towns, which are accessible and convenient for tourists living in Porto Venere (Click on “Nearby towns”). The map is very detailed; and to see the set of symbols - zoom on the area you are interested in.

Map of trails in Porto Venere and Cinque Terre

Hiking is very popular in this region. Here you find lots of trails! If you want to enjoy the beauty of surroundings in Porto Venere, make sure to go on a walking tour. To know more about the most popular trails, click here (website of the Cinque Terre).

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