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Palmaria Island

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Palmaria - the largest island in the Italian region of Liguria situated on the Ligurian Sea coast. On its opposite side is the village of Porto Venere, and from its port, the tourist boats start sailing out. Riding on one of these boats, you can reach the Palmaria Island.

When you visit the island for the first time, many experienced tourists would certainly advise you to go on hiking. Palmaria Island has a large number of wonderful tourist trails that pass through historical monuments and architectural sites. Walking through the woods, rocks, mountains, plains and the ancient ruined buildings appeal especially to those who are fond of outdoor activities. You can conquer one of the peaks in the island and revel in the spectacular panoramic beauty of Porto Venere, separated from the island by a narrow channel Bocca.

In the ancient times Palmaria Island played a key role in the course of historical events, once it housed a military base with fortifications, the island was repeatedly exposed to attacks. One of these incidents took place in the hot summer of 1242, when the army of Republic of Pisa attempted to take the Palmaria Island. That's why this island remains a favourite destination for tourists. You can not only admire the stunning flora and fauna, and the wild beaches, but also explore the legendary historical sites.

As you start on a walking tour from the pier of a small village called Terrizzo, on the right you will find Skenello Street where is located the only island’s hotel with restaurant. Along the coast, you will come across a place, where mussels are grown using old techniques. Walking through Palmaria, you arrive at the area of old pools, and not far from them, there is a mountain trail (marked with special red stripes). As you go further, you are greeted by one of the local tourist attractions i.e. the ancient fortress Umberto. Nowadays, wedding ceremonies and other festivities are organised in this building, but unfortunately it is closed for tourists.

The island accommodates another small village called Pozzale. In its vicinity, there are a number of places that every tourist must see without fail. One of them is the abandoned fort Cavour. Now it is a military zone, and the passage through its territory is prohibited. But this does not mean that you won’t be able to admire its massive ancient ramparts. Not far from it, is the so-called battery "Semaforo". Previously, this building served as a beacon, which alerted the island residents with its colour signals and the whole Liguria about the enemy approaching from the sea. Now standing on it, you can enjoy scenic views.

All the above edifices are shown on the map. The hiking routes are not marked as they are many. You can change your sightseeing tour at any time and it's just enough to turn to a neighbouring trail. The map shows only the main tourist route “around the island”. But estimate the time! Only this walking tour will take more than two hours.

A walk around the island of Palmaria, Porto Venere A walk around the island of Palmaria, Porto Venere A walk around the island of Palmaria, Porto Venere

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