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Best time to visit Porto Venere

Apennine Mountains guard Porto Venere against the cold northern winds of Italy, providing a mild coastal climate in Liguria. When these winds start blowing in summer, they usually dry the air substantially, and you can see the beautiful local tourist attractions from a very long distance, right up to the very Corsica.

Rainfall in Porto Venere is rarely witnessed, but frequent and intermittent rains often fall in autumn, precisely from late October till late November, which is the rainiest month. If you are planning to spend your vacations hiking, it is better to know in advance whether heavy rains are expected during your planned period, because they wash away the walking trails.

In summer, particularly in July, virtually no precipitation occurs. July and August are the hottest months. Dry weather at this time of the year contributes to the concentration in the air of aromas from grapes growing on terraced slopes that tourists cross on foot... This is the “peak season” in the region of Liguria. This influx of tourists affects on the other hand the comfortable travel by city transport, nice breaks in bars and cafes, even the highways become congested. Also remember that the best hotels in this season are “jam-packed”, so book your place in advance.





Presepe - the world's largest nativity exhibition during the Christmas season opens in Cinque Terre.

Average temperature is about 10°C (50°F), boats do not work, and swimming is not allowed.


Average temperature is about 10°C (50°F), boats do not work, and swimming is not allowed.


From the second half of the month, boats start working. The motor-ship schedule is given below:
March 23 - November 3, 2024.
March 22 - November 2, 2025.

Not all trails, affected by rainfalls in winter, have been opened already.

April - May

Ideal time for walking tours

Water is still cold, swimming is not advisable.

June - July

Ideal time for hiking and swimming in the sea.

Crowded of tourists.


Peak season.

Very hot, the most expensive month for holidaymakers (especially the middle of the month).


Ideal time for walking tours and swimming in the sea.
On 13th September and on the first Sunday after this date, Tino Island, the militarized zone is open to tourists. You can walk around the island and climb up to the scenic viewpoint atop the lighthouse.

The sun is still hot, however you can have sunbath.


Ideal time for walking tours.

Rainy season begins in the middle of the month.


If there is less precipitation, you can safely explore the nearby villages.

It is rainy, some walking trails, depending on rainfall, may get washed away, and the boats do not run.


In Cinque Terre, Presepe, the world's largest Christmas crib or nativity show is inaugurated. The town of La Spezia is festively decorated in the New Year’s style.

Pretty cold (average temperature is about 11°C / 52°F), about 20% of trails become inaccessible due to rain, the boats do not run.

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